Tarpon Joe's Tackle Box

Diawa Sealine X40 HA

Great casting, 300+ yds of 40lb Power Pro - a real workhorse for me.

It's been put on the sidelines by my Accurate 870, which seems to be sexier because of its lever/dual drag technology.

Accurate B870 XC

Dual Drag (lever) with space-age metals, the 870 holds about 400 yards of 50lb braid.

Kinda difficult to cast because of its heavy spool so you (me) gotta use at least 3 oz if bottom fishing or live lining Pin Fish. Forget using this reel for lures.

You can adjust this reel via the left side thumb adjustment for virtual thumb-free casting.

Still awaiting the first MONSTER hookup!

Shimano Stradic 5000

SNOOK MASTER!!. I use the Stradic 5000 holding about 200 yds of 30 lb Power Pro braid on an 8 FT Shimano Teramar . . . a really spectacular combo.

Perfect for casting live, hand-picked Shrimp on a 1/4 oz Hook-up Jig for slot size (28"-32") and monster Snook.

Shimano Calcutta 400

A good conventional reel - 1 roller bearing and 2 stainless steel ball bearings. 250 yds of 45 lb Power Pro. I use this reel on a 7-Foot Star Rods Nicklelite for live bait casting forTarpon to about 50 lbs. 

Penn Special Senator 113H

Mounted on my 7'0" Penn Black Sabre - rated 30-50 lbs - and holding 400 - 500 yards of Power Pro 8 Super Slick, this is the heaviest combo in my tackle box.

I got a 100 lb Bull Shark - Eva witnessed -  behind the house next to the Jockey Club on this outfit. 

Avet EX-30 (Wish)

Holding as much as 1,000 yards of 100lb braid, this reel is at the top of my wish list.

Will cost About $600 including 1,000 yards of 100 lb braid.

Gotta evaluate the potential usage against : 1, move to South Carolina; 2, then there's this age factor.