Hunters' Page

Not Just Fishing

That's Darren Greene (my son) with a 9-point South Carolina buck. 

Sooner - or later - I hope to join him in a tree stand. Don't know if I'll get a license as I tend to like ribeye a lot better than venison

Jennings Hunts Too

That's #1 grandson, Jennings Greene, with an 8-POINT, South Carolina buck.

When he's not playing baseball (2016 South Carolina LL Champions) or football, he hunts successfully with his dad.

Then . . . Dr. Ray Henkel

Dr. Ray Henkel, PhD in Physics and former HS classmate, with a Mountain Goat that he shot high up (13,000ft) in the Rockies outside of Denver and then butchered and packed out. 

Ray and his older brother frequently hunt mountain critters at high altitude in the Rockies.

Savage Arms 270 Model 111

South Carolina Deer and Hogs live in fear of Darren's Savage Arms 270 . . .but not his eyestight or aim.

Jennings First Deer

Got this deer with his own gun. Jennings is also a Bow Hunter.

Ray Henkel Antelope

Ray Henkle, PhD in Physics (retired) & classmate of Tarpon Joe is - indeed - the second coming of the "Deer Slayer".