Fishing Fax . . . New STUFF

Introducing Drones

New technology to fish from shore and still catch monsters that hang out half a mile out. You used to need a kayak to get a bait that far offshore.

Here's a drone flying a lure off shore. BIGGER DRONES for bigger baits

Tarpon Joe's Guayabera(s)

Guayabera(s) - COMING SOON TO TARPON JOE'S PLACE - replace  formal wear in tropical climates. Mostly countries of Spanish heritage  - Cuba, Mexico.

Four (4) Sailfish

My neighbor, Ivan, and friends, hooking up 4 Sailfish at the same time off a well-fitted-out Contender Center Console.

A Snook Spot

Bigger Snook here in the Inlet . . . but an occasional Tarpon hook-up.

No Fishing Today!!

Nice, convenient, paved jetty . . .but a little rough for fishing today!!

My Octopus Circle Favorite

I have this hook in sizes ranging from 2/0 to 12/0. Check my Blog for a great, very easy snell using this hook.