Tarpon Joe's Place

Just a 20 LB Tarpon. The start of GREAT things. 

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What's Tarpon Joe's Place ??

Fishing and Assorted Nonsense Mostly

It's a forum for friends and fellow fishermen to discuss our second favorite subject matter . . .seriously . . . you gotta ask??

Generally Fishing in South Florida

The focus is on Tarpon, Snook and Sharks that I've learned - over time and error -  how to catch.

Misinformation . . .and Some Good Stuff

Trust whatever I say. Be careful of anything else . . . don't swim with sharks or anything bigger than a Goldfish. DON'T GO SWIMMING ANYWHERE OTHER THAN THE POOL AT YOUR HOTEL.

Fishing for Monsters

Monsters . . . Everywhere, Every Day!!!

When I arrived down here in 1997,  I thought I could go fishing  with a 6-foot Fenwick spinning rod and 2500 type reel loaded with 100 yards of 10 LB Power Pro . . . and a variety of lures - swimmers and poppers.

No Way, Jose!! 

Monsters are everywhere. You (me) might be casting at Mystic Pointe (where I lived in marginal, but momentary  luxury) for Jacks and/or Barracuda - but stuff happens here.

BAM!! Out of the deep, a 40 or 50 lb Tarpon might grab your lure. Two jumps and it's gone. You (me) were never in control . . . and that 6 foot Fenwick was a joke. Same deal with a 30-50lb shark.

Salt water fish are nastier than all varieties of fresh water fish. You need heavier tackle to control them.

About Tarpon Joe

A marginally handsome guy with a TROPHY WIFE (Eva).

Joe is a Fishing From Shore Guru in South Florida . . . 

HOWEVER  . . .Eva - of a more refined background and opinion - thinks that Joe  behaves very badly when he is fishing. Perhaps she is right.

Joe was awarded the name "Tarpon Joe" by Manny Luftglass, outdoor writer and book author  who got some insights from Joe for one of his books, Florida's 100 Best Salt Waters.

Soooo . . . that's kinda the background.