Fishing for the BIG Ones

Tarpon off the Back Porch (Keys)

A couple of years back, I caught a 50lb Tarpon off the back porch of a friend's rental place in the Keys while I was trying to sip a Sunday Cappuccino. Actually the designer coffee was forced on me - "Drink it,  Joe, as if you craved this stuff!! You gotta be diplomatic some time!!", said the gorgeous Eva!

Don't Have a Boat Yet

 For those of you who don't have the down payment yet . . . This site is about catching BIG Tarpon, Snook and Sharks from the shore in Miami/Miami Beach/South Beach.

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Here's Another 50!

Got this Tarpon while fishing with Captain Rick Ball in the New River up in Fort Lauderdale. We hooked 30 (YES 30 Tarpon)  that nite but only go 5 (YES FIVE) to the boat.

Snook Man!!

Capt. Rich Nelson is a "born again" Snook Master!! That's at least a 20!! He's a CPA - taxes during the day - MOGAN SNOOK at nite.

Carp Man!!

Every so  often, Bill Greene, called "Carp Man" by outdoor writer Manny LuftGlass, wins or places in the Carp Category of the Hudson River Angler's Association annual contests.

Business Man!!!

Caught when the weather and tides were wrong, Joe Greene - and the gorgeous EVA - step in at Toy Fair, NYC, as Chief Operating Officer and VP Marketing & Sales of Marx Toys, Inc - once the largest toy company in the world.