Chef Corner - Not Just Fishy Stuff!!

What??? Venison?

I thought we'd see Mahi or Yellow Fin or    Lobsters

Fresh Yellow Fin

Ready for the grill. That's not really sand under the fish - just looks that way. 


A Snook???

Looks like one of Tarpon Joe's Rib Roasts.

  1. Roast gotta be room temp. Then
  2. Heat oven to 500 degrees
  3. Cook 5 minitues per pound
  4. Turn off stove -cook for 2 hours
  5. Never, ever open to check
  6. Remove and let stand 30 minutes
  7. That's it!!

Pulled Pork Roast

Just off the Charcoal Grill . . . now to the oven - slow-cook (covered, of course) for 6 hours at 225 degrees. It will be falling apart at that point.

Served with home-made cole slaw.

My Charcoal Grille


This is all Eva will let me have these days . . . and only because hurricane Irma was a few days away!!

$39 at Home Depot

Barbie Technology

I had 3 that looked like this one!! Two (2) little guys that I grabbed at Bass Pro. KINDA CHEEP

And one MONSTER COOKER . . . that I assembled myself

Eva wouldn't let me buy another!!