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That's a 200 LB Hammerhead

. . . and I caught it from the shore - South Beach Miami!! Thankfully, the tourists were not in the water at the time.

80 lb test, 300lb wire leader, 12/0 circle hooks. 5lb Jack Cravalle head was the bait - which was kayaked out about 500 yards from the beach.

Took me 1.5 hours to get it to the beach with assistance from Capt Rich right at the end of the fight.


Snook - among the best "eatin" fish - are looking for LARGE, live, "hand-picked" shrimp beginning in February. The Slot is 28"-32" overall. 

This one is 32" overall - a keeper

My largest Snook ever was 38" and about 16lbs. . . and was witnessed.

Outer Banks YellowFin(s)

My son Darren's friend, DJ and Family, with a few hundred pounds of YellowFin(s), which they - not Darren - caught off the coast of the OuterBanks, NC.

There's one Mahi Mahi (Dolphin) right in front.

Manny Luftglass Book

Tarpon Joe is featured on Page 106

Snook & Tarpon Spot

Generally . . . a dropping tide - beginning at the top of high - is the best time to fish. Southwest wind helps casting live Shrimp and Pinfish

Current Striper Migration

Current Striped Bass Migration Map.  

Gotta check with Capt. Nifenecker to see what he's getting with dynamite and gill nets around Montauk.