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Catch fish - not Friends

A "reel" classic". Hunter Terpe's buddy  hooked him with a stupid, sideswipe cast. So Hunter pushed the barb thru and cut the shank . . . and then tried to hide the event from his folks . . ."just a pimple that I popped." He got caught and the doctor gave him "The Shot".

Hey . . . That's Jennings Fish!!

Big Redfish caught by Jennings Greene who is perfectly capable of holding it all by himself


Jennings grabs a Wahoo - - - maybe not really his. Soooo . . . maybe we need to get him hooked-up with a Tarpon, a Snook or a Shark.

Who Is this Porgy Angler??

Porgies are terrific fighting fish when caught on light tackle.

Fishing out of Peconic Bat, LI this angler is pointing toward a 15lb Bluefish, 5lb Weakfish and a 25lb Striper before heading back to school in the fall

Then there's RYAN!!

NOOOOOO . . . fishing , Kiddo!!

Yep, that's better !!

Here's a Lake Murray, SC  Striper.