Community Pics

Coming Attractions

I need to be in this pic . . . but recently I've been experiencing "Mal-De-Mer". What can I do??

Perhaps a case of ginger ale and a package of Dramamine.

Ivan's Sailfish

Maybe Ivan will take me out in a Contender Center Console for one like this!!

Doesn't Have To Be a Fish

That's Jennings on lower right. His team was South Carolina State Champion. Jennings batter.500 in the Southern Regionals held in Georgia. Almost got to Williamsport!

The "Dirty" Canal

My neighborhood - right across the street. It is home to schools of Mullet in season . . .and consequently Jacks, Snook and occasional Tarpon and Sharks. Generally, only good for catching bait and casting practice.

Share the big news

Let us know, please.

Looks Like Congress

. . . or is this a pic of our local politicians???